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Paula Bocciardi

Paula "T-Bird" Bocciardi (drums)

Paula Bocciardi, the founder of Three Hour Tour, has loved rock and roll since she first heard Neil Diamond's "Cherry Cherry" back in 1966. She started playing drums a few years ago when her brother bought her drum lessons as a birthday gift. Her teacher, Bob Frediani of Drum World in San Francisco, turned out to be the coolest and nicest human being on the planet. Unfortunately, Paula frittered away much of her time yakking to Bob.
She started Three Hour Tour in 1991, having a vision of an all-women band that appreciated the roots of rock and roll.  She's also been writing for Drum! magazine for about 15 years.
Paula plays an el-cheapo Pearl Export kit with Zildjian cymbals, a Sabian hi-hat, and a gorgeous black nickel-plated Steve Ferrone snare drum with 24k-gold-plated hoops and lugs. She still doesn't know how to do a simple roll, but on the plus side, she doesn't make horrible "drummer" faces while she plays.
Julie Riffle

Julie "Snooky" Riffle (lead guitar)

Julie Riffle grew up in Thurmont, Maryland, and consequently is unable to pronounce the word "rinse." [She says "rinz."] The quietest member of the group, she also is the only one to have ever been arrested. (A couple of times, for civil disobedience - kind of a left-wing commie pinko do-gooder abby hoffman kind of thing.) Julie plays two Fender Strats and a butterscotch Fender Telecaster (because that's what Keith [Richards, you idiot!] plays). Now living back in Maryland, she joins the band for occasional jams and gigs.  She also has a regal onstage presence.




Terry Alvey (vocals)

Terry Alvey hails originally from Washington, D.C., but thankfully found her way to the West Coast after playing in a series of bands back East, all of which included the word "Beer" in their names.  A guitar virtuoso (as evident in the photo), she decided to forego that career and pick up the vocal mike instead.  Which is a bonus for the band because she's so darned cute.


Jean duSablon (bass)

Jean duSablon comes from the Midwest, we think, but her origins are somewhat of a mystery.  She was discovered playing bass under a freeway overpass (see photo at left), and the rest is history.



Diana Daniel


Diana Daniel (vocals)

Diana hails from the great state of Maine, where she sang professionally in a bunch of different bands until she heard that Three Hour Tour was looking for a singer.  Weary of those wacky border guards strip-searching the band every time they crossed into Canada for a gig, she decided to throw it all away and flee to California.  For a while she disappeared from the music scene, resurfacing only occasionally to sing Rastafarian tunes in local BART subways.  Now she sells real estate, and although you'd think she'd be rich, obviously she hasn't done well enough financially to even buy a decent pair of shorts (see photo at left).   We don't know too much else about her, except that she seems to spend a lot of time in traffic school.  She's also a really great singer.
Dina Munsch

 Dina "Low-Mike" Munsch (rhythm guitar)

Dina Munsch is an ex-New Yorker who makes a living as a video editor for KTVU.   She's also won two local Emmy awards for news features.  And her  film Breaking the Glass: The American Basketball League 1996-1998 has been shown a number of times in film festivals and at other events. 
Dina scared the hell out of all of us by launching into "Purple Haze" the minute she first came over to rehearse.  After we were revived with smelling salts, we scrambled frantically for earplugs while she played vicious air drums all by herself.
The woman can do anything.   
Char Sachson

Char Sachson (guitar)

Char Sachson has been playing guitar since the age of 15 and is a rabid fan of the Indigo Girls.  She's also a fan (although not rising to the level of "rabid") of the Counting Crows, Train, the Stones, Jimmy Buffett, Barenaked Ladies, Jackson Browne, Simon & Garfunkel, Def Leppard, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Shocked, and Jason Mraz.  She has just discovered Fountains of Wayne and likes them a lot.  [Gad, is she just going to go on forever? -- Ed.]  Up until recently, when she purchased her new midnight wine Telecaster, she was acoustic all the way (even venturing into some classical guitar just for ducks).  She grew up in southern California, a block from the Sherman Oaks Galleria (of Moon Unit Zappa fame -- gag us totally....)  Now she works as an attorney in the same building where Paula works, although no one knew that when she answered the ad.  Oh, and she had her appendix out a few years ago