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Let's face it -- the members of Three Hour Tour aren't exactly spring chickens.  In fact, at any given time most of them are afflicted with some sort of bizarre, obscure, and/or totally ridiculous medical malady.   Julie, for example, recently had some sort of muscle strain caused by merely lifting her leg over her motorcycle one too many times.  And of course there was the famous "Vertigo Incident," when the entire band came down with dizziness and vertigo for no apparent reason.  (See Carl Gibbs' famous "Top Ten Possible New Band Names for Three Hour Tour," penned in response to that incident.)  We know you're all concerned about our ongoing health problems, so this page will serve to keep you apprised of just how close we actually are to total decrepitude.  In the meantime, we're looking for a band doctor.  Anyone interested?

Paula Bocciardi, drums

In 2005, Paula tore her rotator cuff while sleeping.  Thanks to the sterling timeliness and accuracy of our health care care system, she finally had surgery in 2006 to repair a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum.  She'll never be the same, but she's back to drumming nevertheless, with a rearranged kit.  Never underestimate the passion of a drummer.

In 2003, Paula was stricken by the 7 plagues of Job.  Or was it 10?  In any case, she had whooping cough and pleurisy!  For cryin' out loud, aren't those diseases that the pioneers got?  Anyway, as if those weren't enough, she also got hives from her medications, and you may as well have just killed her with the itching! 

Sometime during her illness, Paula finally got morbidly depressed and decided to read The Grapes of Wrath start to finish.  At least it made her feel a bit less put-upon, as she does not have to sleep in a boxcar and eat fried dough all day long! 

Julie Riffle, guitar

Julie Riffle recently ran the Big Sur International Marathon, one of the roughest races in existence, what with the high winds, the hills, and God knows what else.  Amazingly, she ran all the way, didn't crawl across the finish line the way some of those poor devils do, and finished with a personal best time.  Considering her diet, which consists almost exclusively of fat, grease, and lard, this must be an absolute miracle of genetics.

"Who in the world would want to run for 5 hours?" wonders Paula, wheezing after 2 minutes on the treadmill.  "I get tired when I drive 5 hours."

Char Sachson, guitar

Char had her appendix out a few years ago but seems to have fully recovered.