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October 9, 1991: Practice at M.L.'s (audio only) (Kay, Janine, Susie, Amy, Paula)

June 6, 1992: Paula's house (audio only) (Kay, Susie, Julie, Chrissie, Paula (with special guest Lynn Halliwell))

December 19, 1992: Boathouse (audio only) (Kay, Julie, Lynn, Chrissie, Paula)

July 16, 1994: Long Beach (audio only) (Ann, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

August 19, 1994: Paula's house (audio only) (Ann, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

December 31, 1994: Spike's (audio only) (Sharalyn, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

July 15, 1995: CoCo Club (audio only) (Sharalyn, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

October 7, 1995:  CoCo Club (Sharalyn, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

October 14, 1995: Black-Eyed Pig Studios (audio only) (Sharalyn, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

August 24, 1996:  Paula's house (Terry, Julie, Traci, Cole, Paula)

April 19, 1997:  CoCo Club (Terry, Julie, Toby, Cole, Paula, with special guests Janine Bocciardi and Traci Szabat)

August 2, 1997:  CoCo Club (Terry, Julie, Toby, Cole, Paula)

December 7, 1997:  Kimo's (Terry, Julie, Toby, Cole, Jean, Paula)

March 1, 1998: Kimo's (Terry, Julie, Toby, Jean, Paula)

May 3, 1998: Kimo's (audio only) (Terry, Julie, Toby, Jean, Paula)

October 25, 1998: Vertigo Tour, Kimo's (audio only) (Terry, Julie, Toby, Jean, Paula)

July 11, 1999: Kimo's (Terry, Julie, Toby, Jean, Paula)

December 12, 1999: Kimo's (Terry, Julie, Toby, Jean, Paula)

July 30, 2000: Kimo's (Diana, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula)

October 29, 2000: Kimo's (Diana, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula)

February 11, 2001: Kimo's (Diana, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula, with special guest Marina)

April 22, 2001: Kimo's (Diana, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula, with special guests Terry Alvey and Pam Hofsass)

November 10, 2001: THT 10th anniversary at Jelly's (Diana, Terry, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula, with special guests Toby, Janine Bocciardi, Kay Fahlstrom, Katharine Holland, Nina Houts, Cole, Lauren Weiner)

April 6, 2002: "Little Black Dress" gig, Kimo's (Diana, Terry, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula)

September 1, 2002: Festival of the Babes, CW Saloon (Diana, Terry, Dina, Julie, Ronnie, Paula)

June 13, 2003: Kimo's (Diana, Terry, Dina, Julie, Jean, Paula)

April 2, 2004: Kimo's (Susan, Melissa Roska, Julie, Char, Ronnie, Paula)

May 15, 2004: Zebulon (Susan, Julie, Char, Jean, Paula, with special guest Dan Shapero)

June 12, 2004: Zebulon (Susan, Julie, Char, Jean, Paula, with special guests Dan Shapero, Janine Bocciardi, Kay Fahlstrom, and Dina Munsch)

July 8, 2004: Giants Ballpark (Susan, Julie, Char, Jean, Paula)

November 12, 2005: Paula's 50th birthday at Jelly's (Diana, Terry, Dina, Julie, Char, Jean, Paula)





* Six-minute demo taken from assorted live gigs.




* "Do-Re-Mi," our first children's song done in concert.

* "Do-Re-Mi": youngster Nina Houts steals the show away from the band with her spontaneous verse.

* "San Francisco": our first show tune, sepia-toned.

"Betty Lou": another "first" as the band swaps instruments and Paula plays guitar!  (Note: Ronnie Johnson on vocals does some enticing whimpering on this great Bob Seger song.)

* "Lady Is a Tramp": Sinatra' s version, dedicated to Paula's mother Beverly Bocciardi.

"Hungry Like the Wolf": on this foray into 80s pop, the band tries to maintain its composure while Dina moans just like the record!

"Kansas City": Janine Bocciardi and Terry Alvey trade "Hey"s.

"Johnny B. Goode": part of the grand finale, with past members, guests, and all kinds of riffraff joining us onstage.

* "I Saw Her Standing There," the grand finale's encore, with the same riffraff.



* "This Old Man," 5/01.  The band cuts loose with a kids' song during rehearsal.

* "Free Bird" mimicked by a 2-year-old, 5/01.  Ian goes nuts.

* "Long Train Running," 4/01.  Didn't know we had it in us.

* "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," 4/01.  Diana and Terry dressed up as either go-go dancers or cavewomen, it's hard to tell which.

* "We're an American Band," 4/01.  Okay, now they're dressed up like Wavy Gravy in the 70's.

* "Under My Thumb," 4/01.  After 10 years of begging in PC-town, Julie Riffle gets her wish and we finally play this song.  Watch Dina and Ronnie hop up and down.

"Kansas City," 4/01.  Terry Alvey returns for a solo vocal.

* "Rock Lobster," 4/01.  Ronnie throws caution to the wind.

* "I Put a Spell on You," 2/01.  Diana at her absolute best. Swoon-worthy R&B.

* "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

* "Gilligan's Island Theme," 2/01.  Dina's scream at the end is unparalleled.

* "Get Ready," 2/01.  

"Love Stinks," 2/01.  Short clip of the crowd saying it all.

"Mustang Sally," 2/01.  Tracey Rolandeli surprises us by joining us onstage, and . . . well . . . whew!  see for yourself.

* "Purple Haze," 2/01.  Check out the band choreography on " 'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky" at the end.

* "Spooky," 2/01.  In black and white!  Dina and Diana trade riffs.

"I Touch Myself," 2/01.  Diana seduces an audience member big-time.  Rated XXX. 

* "Travelin Band."

* "Travelin' Band" Scream, 2/01.  Once again, Dina screams.

* "You Shook Me All Night Long." 

* Rehearsal at Paula's house, 2/01.  I know you're all dying to see us practice.


AT&T PARK, JULY 8, 2004

"Star-Spangled Banner" 


KIMO'S, JUNE 13, 2003

"Suffragette City."  Julie Riffle does lead vocals and guitar!

"Chain of Fools."  Diana coaxes an audience member, Deanna, into singing onstage.  And Deanna does a great job!

"Mystery Achievement."  Guest bassist Jean duSablon looks really cool against the stage backdrop.



"Jessie's Girl."

and now for the "Middle of the Road" section, in which you get to see the band's little black dresses:

"Middle of the Road" #1.  Diana in close-up.

"Middle of the Road" #2.  Dina (guitar solo) and Ronnie in close-up.  Diana tugs on Dina's dress, for some reason.

"Middle of the Road" #3.  Julie (harmonica solo) and Terry in close-up.


Disclaimers:  The July 30 clips were recorded on a camera that was dying a slow death.  The video quality is raw and pixillated.  (We like using "pixillated," even though we don't use it correctly.)   But we fooled around with the exposure and the color and did the best we could.  Actually, the clips look like old film stock from the Cavern Club or something.

"Walk Don't Run".   The band's first instrumental.

"Traveling' Band".   Plus Diana's funny comment about attorneys.

"Jeffersons Theme".   The audience gets involved.

"Get Ready".   Ah, R&B -- Diana's forte.

"Summertime Blues".   Good old-fashioned rock and roll.

"My Generation".   Paula Bocciardi goes nuts.

"You Shook Me All Night Long".   Three Tour Tour alumnae join the dance.

"Son of a Preacher Man".   The sexy black dress.

and now for the "Free Bird" section:

"Free Bird" intro.   Those delicious opening chords.

Dina's slide guitar on "Free Bird".   Matches are lighted.

"Free Bird" middle.   The audience erupts.

"Free Bird" solo.   Julie's solo.



Diana in 1987.  An incredible time-trip, when Diana fronted a band in Maine and looked..well..very different.

Diana's seductive "neck move."   Short clip from the same 1987 gig.



"Wipeout".   Julie Riffle on the sticks.

"Wipeout" dancers.   Our all-time favorite dancing moment.

"That's What I Like About You".   Julie's harmonica solo, plus more favorite dancers.

"Hot Patootie".   Paula makes a slight "drummer face," despite her repeated denials.

Dina's silly dancing.  An old clip, from when she was still a fan.